Classroom Plan

With the intent of queering middle school book clubs*, reading books about queer characters is not enough. Learning the history and current issues of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement is not enough. The intent is to use book clubs as a catalyst for activist work. Students must engage and create and disrupt as a result of these book clubs. There is not an "ideal" final project. There are a myriad of ways students might engage with this work, included on this page are some possible sources of inspiration. 

Some activist work like "It Gets Better" must be examined in through an intersectional lens. How might the LGBTQIA+ community address the needs of people of color and trans folx? What does Pride mean to different members of the community? What role does justice play in the queer rights movement? How does an evolving understanding of gender impact the LGBTQIA+ rights movement? How does the work of queer rights connect with Black Lives Matter, immigration & DACA, March for Our Lives, climate justice, and more?

*sample unit plan